The following is a log of significant changes to the JourneyWeb site content.

Mar 2013

  • New 2.5 draft of JourneyWeb available to consilidate accessibiity features added for London 2012 Olympic games.

Jan 2012

  • Revised 2.4c draft of JourneyWeb available to support London 2012 Olympic games.

Aug 2008

Jan 2004

  • Added JourneyWeb Schema 3.0a (and change notes)
  • Revised site structure to explain versioning scheme etc.

Dec 2004 v2.1.0a

  1. Removed IncludeIntermediateStops attribute in StopEventRequest (use element instead)
  2. Added type to min adn MaxINterval in RangeType
  3. Added Actual attribute to StopEventRequest filer orgin and destination (annotation mentioned it was not included)
  4. Changed the order of the DaysOfOperation so that only one Saturday item exists (software witten in Delphi wouldn't load the schema without this changed)

July 2003

  • Added JourneyWeb Schema 2.1 (and documentation)
  • Update of National Gazetteer format

January 2003

  • Added JourneyWeb Schema 2.0

Page last updated: 2013/03/25