JourneyWeb is an XML protocol to allow distributed journey planning engines to communicate in order to provide multimodal journeys spanning different regions.

The protocol is a UK national de facto standard sponsored by the UK Department of Transport and is being used in the Transport Direct Portal project to provide contiguous distributed journey planning for the whole of the UK. It builds on two other standards, NaPTAN and the National Public Transport Gazetteer.

The JourneyWeb protocol is an open system and is platform independent.



  • The current version of JourneyWeb is Version 2.1.0c   (also known as 2.2). A  new 2.5 release is available.
  • NaPTAN Data needed for JourneyWeb can be downloaded for free and used according to the terms of use.
  • A an enhanced new version of JourneyWeb 2.5 is available. This is  now stable.




Page last updated: 2013/04/19