The following documentation about CycleNetXChange is available free:

  • This CycleNetXChange site provides a brief overview on the purpose of CycleNetXChange, and information on the available schema versions and where they can be found.
  • CycleNetXChange Schema Guide: An electronic document providing a high level guide to CycleNetXChange and its use. The guide has content suitable variously for both users and implementors.
    • The latest version can be downloaded from the CycleNet Downloads & Schema page.
    • Further documentation about ITN can be found at the Ordnance Survey site.
  • CycleNetXChange Schemas: the CycleNet XML Schema defines the data format for exchanging cycle path data. The schemas are written to be as readable as possible: they use meaningful names for elements, consistent conventions to make the schemas easier to read, and contain detailed comments describing the elements and their intended use.
  • Documentation for Related Standards: CycleNetXChange is based on the Ordnance Survey ITN model
  • Government Data Standards Catalogue: information on Address & Personal details schema
  • Licensing & IPR: See Terms of Use.

Page last updated: 2013.03.30