1. What is CycleNetXChange for?
  2. How are elements identified?
  3. How can CycleNetXChange paths be described?
  4. What is the CycleNetXChange XML schema?
  5. What is the CycleNetXChange UML Model?
  6. How do I obtain CycleNetXChange data?
  7. How do I upload CycleNetXChange data?

What is CycleNetXChange for?

CycleNetXChange provides a standard format with which to exchange cycle path data, together with information about the quality of routes; This enables computerised transport systems to provide cycle routes.

The CycleNetXChange Identifier System

CycleNetXChange Path Definitions

The CycleNetXChange XML Schema

CycleNetXChange data is described by a NaPTAN XML Schema.. This can be used to describe CycleNetXChange data when exchanging it between systems as XML documents.

The CycleNetXChange UML Models

The CycleNetXChange data conforms to a family of consistent, interlocking data models. The models are described in the CycleNetXChange Schema Guide in UML notation.

How do I obtain CycleNetXChange data?

How do I upload CycleNetXChange data?

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