To use the CycleNetXChange schemas in your applications, you may either reference the appropriate URL for a particular version of the schema, or use a local copy of the schema files and directories for that version held on your own machine. This page provides the information you need to reference or download different versions of the schemas. Further information on the substructure of the schemas is given in the CycleNetXChange Specification.

Note that CycleNetXChange  uses a systematic versioning scheme in line with e-Gif standards.

Downloadable versions of CycleNetXChange

CycleNetXChange schemas & documents may be accessed online, and also downloaded in these versions and formats
Version Status Date of issue URL to reference Schema Download ZIP of Schema Documentation Contact
v0.3a Draft 2008/05/02 CycleNetXChange 0.3 URL Zip of 0.3a schemas Notes for 0.3a
CycleNetXChange Specification 0.3a version x
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v0.2a Draft


CycleNet 0.2 URL Zip of 0.2a schemas Notes for 0.2a
CycleNetXChange Specification 0.2a version w
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v0.1a Draft 2008/03/27 CycleNet 0.1URL Zip of 0.1a schemas Notes for 1.a Kizoom logo
    2007/12/05     CycleNetXChange Specification 0.1a version u Kizoom logo

Page last updated: 2013.03.30