The National Public Transport Access Node (NaPTAN) database is a UK nationwide system for uniquely identifying all the points of access to public transport in the UK. It is a core component of the UK national transport information infrastructure and is used by a number of other UK standards and information systems.

Every UK station, coach terminus, airport, ferry terminal, bus stop, etc., is allocated at least one identifier.

The NaPTAN schema is a UK national de facto standard sponsored by the UK Department of Transport and supports both the public registration of bus timetables by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA), and the data collection for the Transport Direct Portal. NaPTAN includes on a related standard - the National Public Transport Gazetteer.

The NaPTAN database is maintained centrally under contract to the Department of Transport by Landmark.


  • There is a new 2.5 Release available or an enhanced version of the NaPTAN schema.
  • The current version of NaPTAN is Version 2.4. Version 2.1 and 2.4 are still in widespread use. Versions are backwards comaptible, that is 2.1 documents will validate against a 2.4 schema
  • NaPTAN Data can be downloaded for free and used according to the terms of use.



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