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  • This NaPTAN site provides a brief overview on the purpose of NaPTAN, and information on the available schema versions and where they can be found. It includes summary lists of NaPTAN stop types and NaPTAN area codes.
  • NPTG & NaPTAN Schema Guide: An electronic document providing a high level guide to NaPTAN and NPTG and their use. The guide has content suitable variously for both users and implementors.
  • NPTG & NaPTAN Schemas the NaPTAN & NPTG XML Schemas are the normative specifications for data exchange with NPTG & NaPTAN. The schemas are written to be as readable as possible: they use meaningful names for elements, consistent conventions to make the schemas easier to read, and contain detailed comments describing the elements and their intended use. The conventions and schema are also documented in the NPTG & NaPTAN Schema Guide.
  • NaPTAN CSV Schema the NaPTAN and NPTG CSV Schemas provide a table-based representation of the NPTG and NaPTAN models that can be used to exchange data for simple applications such as spreadsheets. The csv schema is documented in the NPTG & NaPTAN Schema Guide.
  • Documentation for Related Standards NaPTAN uses the National Public Transport Gazetteer, which is also documented in the NPTG & NaPTAN Schema Guide.
  • Documentation on accessing NaPTAN data Information on how to obtain NaPTAN data in XML and csv format is given here.
  • Data Management Guidance Guidance on preparing Local Public Transport data for Traveline & Transport Direct
  • Licensing & IPR See Terms of Use.

The CEN Technical Standard prCEN/TS NeTEx  can be regarded as a further generalisation and European harmonisation of NaPTAN, with which it should be interoperable.

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