Data & process

NaPTAN Data Management

NaPTAN data for each administrative area is created and maintained locally using the data supplier's preferred editing tool; and then uploaded to the NaPTAN data management web site. Thales process and publish this data. Published data can be downloaded from the site by data users. See also Guidance on preparing Local Public Transport data.

Uploading Data

NaPTAN data can be uploaded to the data management web site in XML format. CSV format is also possible but is now deprecated.

Downloading Data

NaPTAN data can be downloaded from the data management web site in either XML or CSV format. Both are available as current NaPTAN schema versions.

Viewing Data

NaPTAN data can be also viewed graphically online using the NaPTAN Viewer tool. This tool requires permission and a password from The NaPTAN support desk.

NaPTAN Data Use

Accessing NaPTAN Data

Anyone wishing to upload or download NaPTAN data must first self-register on the data management web site. The default upload/download access is via the web site. Registered users can request FTP access.

Licence to use NaPTAN data

Use of NaPTAN Data requires a licence (this is explained in the registration process). Any questions should be sent to the NaPTAN DataManagemnt Support.


Page last updated: 2013.03.23