Stop & Stop Area Types

The fundamental entities of the NaPTAN model are stop points and stop areas. There are a number of different types of stop point and stop area, each assigned a short code, and a number of subtypes of stop point, also assigned a short code. The following matrix shows

  • The three letter codes used to identify the different types of NaPTAN stop point
  • The three letter codes used to identify the different types of NaPTAN bus stop subtypes
  • The four letter codes used to identify the different types of NaPTAN stop area.

It also shows whether the stop point identifier is allocated from a national or local range.

Stop & Stop Area matrix
Stop Point Type Stop Area
Group Mode Description Entrance Access Area Bay/ Pole Sub Type Primary Area
Off Street Air Airport AIR GAT
Ferry Ferry / Port FTD
Rail Rail Station RSE RLY
Metro Station TMU MET
Bus & Coach Bus or Coach Station BCE BST
Cable Car Lift or Cable car Station LCE LCB LPL   GCLB
On Street Bus Bus Coach on Street     BCT MK GPBS, GCLS,
Taxi Taxi Rank TXR       any
  Shared Taxi Rank STR        

NaPTAN Stop Types
Value Description Nat   Mode Type Version
BCT On-street Bus / Coach / Tram Stop   On street BusCoach MarkedPoint 1.0
UnmarkedPoint 1.0
HailAndRide 1.0
FlexibleZone 2.0
TXR Taxi Rank (head of)   Taxi TaxiRank 1.0
STR Shared Taxi Rank (head of)   SharedTaxiRank 1.0
AIR Airport Entrance   Off street Air Entrance 1.0
GAT Airport Interchange Area 920 AccessArea 1.0
FTD Ferry Terminal / Dock Entrance 930 Ferry / Ship Entrance 1.0
FBT Ferry or Port Berth 930 Berth 1.0
FER Ferry or Port Interchange Area 930 AccessArea 1.0
RSE Rail Station Entrance   Rail Entrance 1.0
RLY Railway Interchange Area 910 AccessArea 1.0
RPL Railway Platform 910 Platform 1.2
TMU Tram / Metro / Underground Entrance   Tram / Metro Entrance 1.0
MET Underground or Metro Interchange Area 940 AccessArea 1.2
PLT Underground or Metro platform 940 Platform 1.0
BCE Bus / Coach Station Entrance   BusCoach Entrance 1.0
BST Bus Coach Station Access Area 900 AccessArea 1.0
BCS Bus / Coach bay / stand /
stance within Bus / Coach Stations
900 Bay 1.0
BCQ Bus Coach Station Variable Bay 900 VariableBay 2.0
LCE Lift or Cable Car Entrance   Telecabine Entrance 2.4
LCE Lift or Cable Car Access Area     Access ARea 2.4
LPL Lift or Cable Car Platform     Entrance 2.4

NaPTAN Stop Area Types
Value Description Version
GAIR Airport Building  
GFTD Ferry Terminal or Dock Building  
GRLS Rail Station  
GTMU Tram / Metro / Underground Station  
GBCS Bus / Coach Station  
GCCH Coach Service Coverage New in  v2.0
GCLS On-street Bus / Coach / Tram stops cluster (more than two stops in the same general location)  
GPBS On-street Bus/ Coach / Tram stop pair (one in each direction)  
GCLB On-street Cable car New in 2.4
(GMLT) Multimode Interchange DEPRECATED 2.0
(GOTH) Other Interchange DEPRECATED 2.0

Page last updated: 2013.03.29

Page last updated: 2013.03.29