NPTG (National Public Transport Gazetteer)

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The National Public Transport Gazetteer provides a topographic database of towns and settlements in the UK; it provides a common frame of reference for the National Public Access Nodes (NaPTAN) schema and other UK Public Transport Information schemas such as JourneyWeb.

The appropriate naming of towns and places is vital for providing effective place and stop finding in modern on-line journey planners and other Passenger Information systems. The NPTG XML schema is used to distribute topographic data from the NPTG database to the local Administrative Areas who administer NaPTAN data, as well as other downstream PT information systems such as journey planners.

An ancillary schema, the NPTG Discovery XML schema, is used to exchange data that relates topographical localities with the available computer information services. The NPTG Discovery schema can be used for the automatic provisioning and system configuration of systems, for example to find the server that covers particular stops for journey planning or real time services.

The NPTG schema is part of an integrated family of UK Public Transport data schemas and shares common modules with other UK PT schemas such as TransXChange and JourneyWeb. The NaPTAN schema uses the related National Public Transport Gazetteer (NPTG) schema and database as an underlying topographical model of the towns and settlements in the UK. NPTG is also fundamental to JourneyWeb the UK national distributed journey planning protocol.

The NPTG database and schema are maintained under contract by the Department for Transport.

Page last updated: 2013/03/23