Transmodel (CEN-TC278 ENV12896)


The following documentation about Transmodel is available free:

  • This Transmodel UK site provides a brief overview and information on Transmodel with links to UK standards that are partially or fully compliant with Transmodel.
  • Transmodel CEN Candidate Technical Standard: A full set of previous Transmodel documentation is available at the main Transmodel site. Documentation of the current pre-standard for Transmodel is available from the British Standards Institute. A new version (v5.1) is being voted (Autumn 2005) by CEN to become a formal full Standard - and documentation of this will also be available from BSI once it has been adopted.

    A password protected version is available for preview on this site see Downloads & schema. Anyone needing to view the new version before it is formally published will need a username and password to do so - please contact to request access.
  • IPR: See Terms of Use.

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