TransXChange is the UK nationwide standard for exchanging bus schedules and related data. It is used both for the electronic registration of bus routes (EBSR) with Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) and the Traffic Area Networks (TAN), and for the exchange of bus routes with other computer systems, such as journey planners and vehicle real-time tracking systems.

The format is a UK national de facto standard sponsored by the UK Department of Transport. The standard is part of a family of coherent Transport related XML standards that follow GovTalk guidelines.

Version 2.0 of the TransXChange standard was released in April 2005. Version 2.1 was released in February 2006.  Version 2.4 was released in Feb 2011. TransXChange is an approved Govtalk schema.


  • The latest version of TransXChange is Version 2.4.
  • There is a drafte 2.5a version available for review.
  • The previous version of TransXChange is Version 2.1.
  • The current version of the TransXChange Publisher is Version 2.4_5.  The 2.4_4 version will work on TransXChange v2.4 and v2.1 documents and contains additional fixes. This new version works with the Microsoft Bing map tile set which supercedes the previous MultiMap tile set. The MultiMap service has ceased operation and the Publisher 2.4_1 or later version must be used if route maps are required.

    • Note that the replacement Bing map service uses a new url so you may possibly need to change your fire wall configuration.  Your new configuration should allow all requests from http://*   See ../config/
    • The Bing maps are on a smaller scale ( approx 1:9000 and 1:39000) than the MultiMap maps so increase the memory requirements for publishing maps. If you publish large maps you may need to change your Java memory settings for the publisher and/or add physical memory.
  • The current version of the TransXChange Schema Guide is v2.5-v55.



Page last updated: 2013/04/19