Enhancing TransXChange - Other Tools & Studies


NeTEx  (NETwork EXchange) is a CEN project to develop  a standard Transmodel based XML format for exchanging PT data. 

NeTEx provides a more general model for describing timetables and other aspects of passenger information.

See www.netex.org.uk



The 2006 FareXChange study looked at requirements for supporting the exchange of UK  fares.  See here for its report.


General Transit & TransXChange

General Transit Feed Specification is a  format devised by Google used to input data to the Google Transit engines for simple journey planning.

An open source project, the General transit data feed, aims to provide converters from popular timetable data formats.

These include converters from TransXChange 2.1

Comparison of GTFS & TransXChange/Transmodel

General Transit Feed Specification (GTFS) is a proprietary format for exchanging basic timetable data using a comma separated variable (csv) format encoding. A timetable is broken down into a series of flat files.

GTFS uses a representation of a timetable as a set of cvs files. GTFS has a simple implicit model of a timetable that lacks some of the distinctions and additional intermediate abstractions that have been found to be valuable in creating reusable models and datasets in for a wide variety of PT applications in Europe and have led to the development of TransModel.

However the underlying GTFS concepts can be mapped to a subset of the Transmodel based PT model used in TransXChange, as discussed in these short review papers, which states the equivalences (and some of the limitations) of the current GTFS format.

It is then straightforward to extract data from a TXC document into GTFS format.

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