Data & Process

TransXChange schedule data is produced as TransXChange XML documents by the originators of bus schedules, in particular bus operators and public Transport Authorities.

Creating Schedules

Schedules can be created as TransXChange XML documents using tools from a number of different suppliers, for example. These tools typically draw on other reference data such as NaPTAN stops and operator codes.

Simple TransXChange schedules can also be created using the VOSA online Electronic Bus Service Registration tool which produces TransXChange XML documents as its output.

TransXChange XML documents may also be edited directly using XML Editing tools.

Submitting Schedules for Electronic Registration Of Bus Services

For information on how to submit TransXChange schedules to VOSA, contact EBSR Support.

Publishing Schedules

  • Schedules encoded as TransXChange XML documents may be published at any time using the TransXChange Publisher. The Publisher carries out a number of validation checks as well.

Exchanging Schedules

  • Schedules may be exchanged as TransXChange XML documents using FTP, email or other electronic transfer protocols.

Importing Schedules

Schedules can be importing using tools from a number of different suppliers, for example.

Page last updated: 2013/03/30