Desktop GUI

The TransXChange Publisher GUI interface allows you to run the publisher easily from a desktop environment, for example Windows XP or Windows Vista.

How to run the TransXChange Publisher Desktop GUI

  1. Launch the TransXChange publisher application by double clicking on the TX TransXChangePublisher.exe.
  2. Specify the document to be published either by entering the name of a document, or by selecting a TransXChange document to publish by clicking on Browse....
    • There is an example document (linear.xml) to publish in the documents directory in the base directory in which you installed the publisher.
  3. Specify any other options as to content or output.
  4. Click the Publish button.
  5. When the document has been successfully published, a message will appear in the console at the bottom of the window. Click on the link to see the published PDF. Alternatively, if an error occurred during publishing it will be displayed in the console.

To resolve the cause of any errors see Troubleshooting.

Page last updated: 2013/03/30