Installing the Publisher

The TXC TransXChange Publisher is available as an executable that can be run on your own computer. See publisher dowloads.

Prerequisites for Running the TransXChange Publisher

1. Hardware

Publishing timetables is a computationally intensive process in terms of both memory usage and processor cycles and requires a computer with sufficient resources. Recommended minimum for a PC would be a 1.5 GHz processorand 512M of memory.

Note that the amount of memory allowed to the Publisher can be configured - see Controlling publisher memory.  

For Release  v2.4_1 at least a MP size of at least 1024M is required - This is the default setting shipped with the Publisher

2. Operating System

The TransXChange Publisher is designed to run on Microsoft Windows platforms (Windows 2000, XP, etc). (It should run on any computing platform with support for the Java runtime, but only Windows is officially supported at this time.)

3. Java Environment JRE.

To run the publisher on your machine, you must first have installed the required version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version. It is available free from

Typically the Publisher will require the version of the run time current at the time of its creation, for example 2.1_1 requires JRE 1.4.2 or later, 2.4_0 requires JRE 6.1 or later. See downloads below for required version.

If you are unsure of your current Java version, do the following:

  1. Open a command prompt
  2. Type "java -version"
  3. If you have Java correctly installed, you should see a message telling you the current version of Java.

If you are do not have a sufficient version of the JRE installed you will not be able to run the publisher.

The default amount of memory configured for your Java VM may need to be increased. see Controlling publisher memory.

4. Adobe Acrobat Reader

To view and print the pdf documents produced by the Publisher, you must have the Acrobat reader installed on your machine. The reader is available free from Adobe.

5. Broadband Internet Connection

The enhanced version of the publisher (2.2a_1 and higher) includes some optional route map publishing features that require a broadband (512kbs or higher) internet connection. This is also required to read the on-line help text.


6. Firewall configuration

The route map publishing features access two we services. Your firewall must permit access to the domains from which these services run.

Installing the TransXChange Publisher

The TX TransXChange Publisher can be downloaded and installed as follows:

  1. Download the publisher by clicking on the link below, and saving the file to a directory on your machine. The file is a self-extracting zip.
  2. Make sure you have the required version of Java Runtime Environment (JRE) version installed.
  3. Unzip the publisher distribution into a directory on your machine. You should see a list of files including those needed to run the publisher.
    • TX TransXChangePublisher.exe runs the desktop version of the publisher:
    • publish.bat runs the publisher from the command line (Deprecated). 
    • The documents directory includes some sample documents you can use to try out the publisher.

The distribution package includes a local copy of the TransXChange Schema files: these are used to validate documents before publishing them. Note that the publisher ignores any schema location reference in a document being published and uses this local copy of the schema instead.

Configuring for a Proxy environment

The map publishing options of the publisher require an online internet connection to fetch stop and map data. If you are in a secure environment that requires use of a proxy, you may need to Configure your Proxy settings in order to use the map publishing.

Running the TransXChange Publisher


Page last updated: 2013/04/19