Downloads & Schema

To use the TransXChange schema, you may either reference the appropriate URL for a particular version of the schema, or use a local copy of the schema files and directories for that version held on your own machine, which you can download from this site. This page provides the information you need to reference or download schemas.

Further information on the substructure of the schemas is given in the TransXChange Schema Guide (available in different versions in the Documentation column below.).

Note that TransXChange uses a systematic versioning scheme in line with e-Gif standards.

Current TransXChange Schema: 2.4

For convenience, just the Current Version  TransXChange Schemas & Other Resources are also available here.

Downloadable versions of TransXChange

The following recent and upcoming versions of TransXChange schemas & documents may be accessed online, and also downloaded in the formats shown. See Publisher for separate download page.

Version Status Date of issue URL to reference Schema Download ZIP of Schema Documentation & Schema Guide
2.5b Revised Draft 2013/10/07
Revised Draft 2013/10/07 2.5b URL Registration
2.5b URL General
Zip of 2.5b xsd
2.5a Draft 2013/04/19 2.5a URL Registration
2.5a URL General
Zip of 2.5a xsd
2.4 Official Release 2011/01/05 2.4 URL Registration
2.4 URL General
Zip of 2.4 xsd
2.4a   2010/05/27  
Superceded 2010/04/21  
2.1 Previous Release 2009/06/16 2.1 URL Registration
2.1 URL General
Zip of 2.1 xsd
Archived versions        

Page last updated: 2013/10/08